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Our professional cleaners are ready to help you with the clean up!

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Cleaning company with a wide range of cleaning services

Gom cleaning company

 Gom Cleaning Compagnie has 40 years experience in professional cleaning. Clean spaces promote job satisfaction, illustrate that a company or organisation cares about its staff’s well-being, result in less absenteeism and contribute to a positive image. Gom specialises in good and efficient cleaning and is located in Aarschot, Antwerp, Gent, Namen and Zaventem (Brussels).


Our workers are active every day and all over the country, as professional cleaners of e.g. offices, educational institutions, production locations, public spaces (airports, stations, etc.) and hospitals. Usually for renowned clients.

With Gom, you do not need any cleaning knowledge. We will gladly put this know-how to work. We take your seat, assess the entire location, analyse the function and use, combine it with your requirement package, and develop a well-considered cleaning plan on this basis. We can also be contacted to clean up fire damage and water damage.
Our workers at Gom see what can be improved to the old situation, signal special factors, but also quickly discover which spots do not require attention every time to still meet your standards. In other words, we not only think along with you, we think ahead. This helps us develop a cleaning programme to exactly achieve the quality you want. In the most efficient manner.

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